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Quick and Easy Valentine Treasure Hunt
Valentine's Day, free printable, Valentine notes, cards, treasure hunt, surprise
Do you ever try to shake things up with a bit of unexpected fun on a SCHOOL MORNING?  This little activity takes very little time for parents to set up the night before, and will certainly take even less time for the kids to do when they awake the next day!
This year, my kids will be surprised by their first Valentine's Day treasure hunt... and I am going to pull it off before they head out to school one morning before February 14th.  The idea occurred to me that card making is fun, card receiving feels great too, but delivering my own Valentine notes to my kids a few days early in the form of a treasure hunt would add a fun and special twist. 
Each of my children will have 8 notes to hunt down all through the house.  After living and learning through several Easter hunts, I planned this one with a little foresight .... each child's notes will be printed on a different colour of paper.  At a glance, they will each know immediately whether the note they have stumbled upon is theirs or meant for someone else.  This way, the speedy hunters can race through the house without disturbing any notes that are not for them, and the slower hunters can still have the thrill of being the one to find and read their own notes.
From time to time, I do slip a note into the kids' lunch bags.  This Valentine season, I thought that sending them off to school bombarded by notes that tell them how loved and special they are would be a marvellous way to start a day.
I have created 5 FREE PRINTABLE DOWNLOADS  with 8 sweet love notes on each. 
You can print your notes in any of the 5 colours provided, so that each child can hunt for notes of their favourite colour.  Super simple fun ... just open the PDF of your choice below, print your sheet of Valentine notes, cut the notes apart, and hide each one for a treasure hunt boost of FUN!

Pink Valentine Notes